Snow and Ice Removal Programs

Improper snow and ice removal can damage your property, cause bodily injury and result in significant costs to your business. Protect yourself with a written snow and ice removal program.


Consider the following steps:


  • Create a log to record when and where your property is shoveled, plowed and/or salted.
  • If you hire a snow removal company, be sure the contractor has the proper insurance and names you as an additional insured.
  • Monitor emergency areas more often to be sure fire lanes, hydrants and emergency exits and entryways are clear.

  • Review your maintenance log to identify past trouble areas in order to provide the appropriate level of service. Re-freezing of melted snow and ice tend to impact certain areas more often.
  • Maintain parking lots, walkways and stairways to prevent uneven patches of snow and/or ice that could lead to increased trip and fall hazards.
  • Keep drains and sewer openings free of snow and ice to allow for proper drainage.
  • Do not pile snow in areas that block the view of drivers coming in and out of your premises.


  • Pile snow in safe areas that can support the extra weight. Locate snow piles near proper drainage to avoid re-freezing hazards.
  • Do not block your building’s entrances and exits. If you have an area that is difficult to maintain, communicate an alternate route in and out of your building.
  • Control the build-up of snow and icicles falling from overhead areas to avoid pedestrian hazards.
  • After a heavy snowfall, inspect your roof to determine weight loads. If necessary, hire a qualified roofing professional to remove snow in order to avoid ice dams or a roof collapse.
  • If you identify an employee to shovel, be aware of his/her physical condition. People with certain health conditions should consult their physician before exerting themselves with shoveling.


This material is informational only. It is not intended to be, and is not in fact, a statement, in whole or in part, of GNY’s underwriting guidelines. Nothing said here amends or affects the interpretation, application, or both, of the coverage provisions in any GNY insurance policy; nor do the statements made here constitute a representation that insurance coverage exists for any loss under any GNY policy. Coverage depends on facts and circumstances of each individual claim or loss, the applicable laws, and the policy provisions in the GNY insurance policy.