About GNY

New York City - Location

Who We Are

For over 100 years, the Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company – GNY – has provided policyholders with the vital support necessary to protect and grow their businesses.  Its rock-solid financial stability – GNY has been rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best for more than 30 consecutive years – and strategic expansion has made it one of the largest super-regional insurers in the country.

The GNY Story

GNY began with a group of immigrant property owners in the early 20th century who were denied insurance by the providers of their day. So they did what enterprising Americans have always done: they did it themselves. Click for the GNY timeline.

What happens when you call GNY?

Your call is answered by a knowledgeable person who knows exactly where to direct your call.

You can speak directly with an underwriter, claims examiner or senior manager, who is empowered to make decisions and able to answer your questions authoritatively. Many issues can be resolved with a single phone call.

With regional offices, GNY's organizational structure guarantees that you are dealing with someone who knows the specific nuances of your market. Our loss control experts can limit your exposures to loss, and advise you on best practices for safely maintaining your property or business.

Our financial stability underwrites your protection. 

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