Decorative Outdoor Gas Appliances

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Decorative Outdoor Gas Appliances

Decorative gas appliances provide ambiance for any outdoor setting are more frequently becoming a part of life in commercial and residential settings. As with any open flame things to consider when installing and operating a decorative gas appliance include:

  • Proximity to any structure
  • Media placed into the appliance
  • Safe use and maintenance
  • Local rules and regulations

What is an Outdoor Decorative Gas Appliance?

Outdoor decorative gas appliances are available in a variety of sizes and types including fireboxes, inserts for permanently installed fire pits and fireplaces, as well as portable fire pits. Click here for a downloadable PDF that identifies outdoor decorative gas appliances.

Unique Hazards to Outdoor Decorative Gas Appliances

Click here for a downloadable PDF for details on unique hazards to outdoor decorative gas appliances.

Key Things to Know When Installing or Using a Decorative Gas Appliance

Click here for a downloadable PDF for more details.