Inspection and Cleaning Dryer Vents

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Dryer Vents - Cleaning and Inspection

A dryer fire can damage your property and result in significant costs to your business. Although a common appliance, improper installation and/or maintenance of a dryer can pose a serious fire risk. 

Lint from dryer vents, traps and surrounding areas are a major cause of fires. When lint is trapped, the machine’s venting capacity is reduced. Over time, the vent could become completely blocked posing a fire risk. 

There are several types of dryer vent materials, and some are better than others: 

  • Preferred materials include semi-rigid or rigid aluminum (smooth interior surface without screws) and galvanized steel.

  • Unacceptable vent materials include flexible thin foil and flexible plastic accordion. These vents can sag and accumulate lint creating a fire hazard.  


Take steps now to reduce the risk of a fire and its resulting cost of damage to your property. Here's some tips on how to clean your dryer vents:  

  • Click here for dryer safety tips.
  • Click here for a dryer fact sheet.
  • Remove lint from the filter after each load.
  • Vacuum behind and underneath the dryer often.
  • Inspect the filter for tears. Wash with soap and water to remove waxy residue from dryer sheets.
  • Inspect and clean the outside wall dampers.
  • Hire a professional to inspect and clean your dryer’s ducts and venting system annually. Inspect more often if your dryer is used at a high frequency, such as in a commercial unit. 

Proper maintenance of your dryer also helps reduce wear-and-tear and may reduce your energy costs.  

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