Identifying and Replacing FPE - Stab Lok Breakers

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FPE - Stab Lok

If your home was built between 1950 and 1990 and is equipped with a Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) circuit breaker panel with Stab-Lok circuit breakers, you run a significant risk of breaker malfunction and fire.

Replacement breakers may be susceptible to the same defects, therefore GNY requires that Stab-Lok panels be replaced with new UL listed panel and breakers. Average replacement cost of a panel is estimated $1000-2,000, depending on service and other factors.

FPE Stab Lok and Stab Lok refer to the same electrical panel units and are often used interchangeably, referring to the same electrical breaker panel. Federal Pacific Electric is the name of the manufacturer and Stab Lok is the model. They are also known as “NoArk” and “Pioneer” (Canadian).

FPE Stab Lok breakers may differ in appearance due to age and the area of the country in which they were distributed.

How to Identify Stab Lok Breakers

In general, the following can be used to identify FPE Stab Lok panels:

1. Labeling

  • Federal Pacific Stab Lok/ FPE Stab-Lok
  • Stab-Lok
  • Federal NOARK
  • Federal Pioneer (Canada)

2. Switches have red or orange labels

3. Circuit breakers will be labeled Stab-lok. (Breakers must be removed to verify.)

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