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Circuit Breaker Maintenance

Please click here for an informative article on the function and maintenance of circuit breakers (switchgears).

Make sure that you have a qualified electrical contractor perform all work on your circuit breakers.


  • Most of the time a circuit breaker is nothing more than a conductor, carrying current from the source of energy to equipment.
  • A circuit breaker is used to control equipment (on/off).
  • In its most critical function, a circuit breaker serves as a safety device designed to protect the electrical distribution system and its components from excessive current. 


Science of the Hazard Circuit breakers are used to control electrical equipment and protect electrical equipment by interrupting electrical faults.

Failure of a circuit breaker due to misapplication, overheating, degradation of insulation, and loss or performance can result in an electrical explosion due to arcing or extended arcing. This will destroy the circuit breaker, and possibly adjacent circuit breakers, resulting in loss of power to the facility or key equipment.  

If combustibles are in the area, hot arcing products generated by the failure or by the extended arcing may also be the ignition source of a fire following event.

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