GNY Leadership Speaks At DANY Seminar

NEW YORK, NY – Oct. 31, 2016 -- GNY CEO Elizabeth Heck and Staff Counsel Margaret Klein were featured at the Defense Association of New York’s (DANY) most recent Diversity Initiative seminar, serving as both role models and career counselors to a group of mid-level woman and diverse attorneys.

Since 2014 DANY has sponsored leadership training program for women and diverse attorneys. The seven-month long program, which teaches attendees to effectively compete for leadership positions, negotiate work arrangements and successfully pursue professional opportunities, has been replicated in many jurisdictions nationwide, and is based on both direct instruction and mentoring.

As one of the few female CEOs in the insurance industry Ms. Heck was peppered with questions both about her own experience in the industry – the personal characteristics she identifies as essential to her success, as well as her biggest career challenges – as well as her analysis of the career opportunities for young attorneys.

For guidance and insights into the different legal career tracks insurance offers, Ms. Heck turned to a panel of experts, which included GNY’s own in-house counsel Margaret Klein. 

Ms. Heck moderated a 45 minutes panel discussion entitled “Diversity, Inclusion and StaffCounsel,” which examined the criteria used to evaluate in-house counsel, as well as the fundamental questions of the important core values for staff counsel firms, and whether diversity should be considered in hiring and promoting.

As the only female on the panel, Ms. Klein’s insights were eagerly sought. Ms. Klein has been the attorney of record for GNY Insurance Companies for the past 10 years.